For the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda, each team each team was given the task of designing and building its own AC50 Class boat.


These boats were 15-metres long (nearly 50-feet) and built to a design rule, that allowed designers and engineers to express creativity in their designs, comparable to F1. 

The key areas left for the teams to explore and innovate in the new Class, lay in the design of the appendages (foils and rudders), aerodynamics, and the onboard hydraulic and electronic control systems. The hydraulic systems were required to be completely powered by human effort and combine traditional sailboat engineering with aerospace technology.

In the Appendage design field, Artemis pushed the design and engineering limits to gain performance by using coupling fluid and structures modelling in the design phase.

In the systems field we developed an entire framework from power management and distribution to advanced flight controls system, allowing the sailors to maintained a stable flight.

The wing was controlled using a custom hybrid mechanical / hydraulic system, allowing advanced functionalities such as tunable twist profile over span while keeping a lightweight system.