How to Follow

TV Show

TV4 Sweden are producing a series of episodes where you can follow the development of the team and the journey to Bermuda 2017. The TV-show airs on TV4Play and TV4 Sport Sweden as well as through Search Magazine, and is now on the second season 'Artemis Racing - Road to Bermuda'. The show exists with and without English Subtitles and as soon as the English version airs the episodes are published on the website.


Social Media

Artemis Racing updates social media channels regularly. As soon as something happens in the team, you can be the first to know. Follow the team on Twitter @ArtemisRacing, for regular updates on what happens inside the base and on the events, on Instagram @ArtemisRacing for spectacular team photos and on Facebook for news and team happenings. All our news and pressreleases will be shared on social media as well as on the website.



There are a number of different broadcast channels throughout the world airing the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series as well as the final and the qualifying series in Bermuda. In Sweden the live broadcast will air on TV4 Sport and TV4 Play Premium. ZFB will be airing in Bermuda. For information on where to watch the events live, go to the America’s Cup website and see the updated broadcasting schedule on ‘Where to Watch’.